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Art Direction

Creative Process: from concept to execution

I define my approach to projects as a Semiotic approach. That is, I consider images as visual texts, built on an explicit and implicit system of signs and symbols. I start with thorough research to get a clear understanding of the products advertised and the brand’s intentions. I then isolate the main keywords and concepts. When I have a strong list, I start building a mind map that allows me to create links and also to add my own perception and view. Simultaneously, I create a Pinterest board in order to build the idea visually and to develop a clearer concept.

Then I start assembling pictures of all kinds. I like to blend photography with other visual arts, drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture or scenes from everyday life, simple objects or materials. Certain keywords also often join my mood board. Through this fusion of elements, I am able to reach a larger dimension for a multi-layered understanding. This approach allows for a multitude of possibilities of execution while giving a clear direction.


Here are some examples of the creative process and artistic direction that led me to the execution and realization of some of my projects.

Original and ethnic branding for a modern and trendy discovery channel promoting hidden sides and buried treasures of regions.

Design photoshot

Simple and minimalist Photoshoot inspiration ideas  for a special collaboration around a unique chair.


Rejuvenation of a traditional Belgian chocolate brand by the used of unordinary colour code and trendy aesthetic.

Brand and Heritage awareness. Mikimoto quest of the rare pearl through a love story.

Unexpected and unique design of pearl trying to introduce modernity in the traditional pearl industry.

Rebranding of a famous family business of champagne. Inspired by the 20s, gentlemans private clubs and feminity.